Europe’s largest private hospital affected by ransomware in the midst of the pandemic


They hacked into the computer department of Fresenius, the largest private hospital in Europe, located in Germany.

The cyber security news media, KrebsonSecurity, reported on May 6 that cyber criminals compromised the private hospital’s computer systems after a ransomware attack. According to the report, an anonymous source reported that the hospital’s systems were infected by ransomware known as Snake.

The ransomware in question was discovered earlier this year, and is being actively used to attack large companies. According to reports, Fresenius spokesman Matt Kuhn confirmed the cyber attack to KrebsonSecurity:

„I can confirm that Fresenius‘ IT department detected a virus in the computers. […] As a precautionary measure in accordance with our security protocol developed for such cases, steps have been taken to prevent further spread. We have also informed the authorities.

Kuhn also said that although some functions within the hospital are currently limited, they continue to care for patients normally. He also said that Fresenius IT experts are working to solve the problems caused by the malware.

Hospitals continue to be under attack despite the big drop in ransomware

Ransomware groups attack health care institutions in the midst of the pandemic
Many believe that ransomware is the biggest threat among all existing malware. Given the strain that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on healthcare systems worldwide, ransomware attacks in hospitals are of particular concern at this time.

The cybersecurity company, when will Bitcoin Evolution trade ripple – where is the accelerate withdrawal button on Bitcoin Profit – Bitcoin Code alternative for ripple – Bitcoin Trader bonus 2020 – Bitcoin Circuit ssn problem – Bitcoin Era own bitcoin – gdax fees vs Immediate Edge fees – how to trade bitcoin to ripple on Bitcoin Billionaire – where to buy litecoin other than The News Spy – wallet pour Bitcoin Revolution, has been offering free help to healthcare providers who have fallen victim to ransomware since March. In April, Microsoft started notifying vulnerable hospitals to be prepared for possible ransomware attacks.

IT firm helps healthcare providers fight ransomware crypto amidst coronavirus
Hackers continue to attack health care organizations even though ransomware attacks in the midst of the pandemic decreased. In late April they attacked the largest health center in Pueblo County, Colorado and not long before that, the ransomware hacker group Maze infected a coronavirus research center.